Your Daily Win Tracker

Effortlessly track and celebrate your daily wins to build a winning mindset!

Turn Any Moment into a Win

Find and log the wins in every situation, whether big or small. The more you seek out these wins, the more they come into focus, training your mind to embrace a winning mindset.

Celebrate Every Single Win

Every win you log sparks a fun, joyful gif celebration! This not only makes each victory feel special but also reinforces that winning attitude, pushing you to seek out more moments of success every day.



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MTAW, or ‘Make Today A Win’, is a philosophy centered on seeking out and celebrating every victory in life, from the mundane to the monumental, cultivating a winning mindset through the journey of life.

Witness Your Personal Evolution

Discover a transformative journey with MTAW. 
Track your progress, set daily win goals for a mental uplift, and receive personal notifications to celebrate every achievement. 

Spark Your Inner Winner

A single positive thought could be the game-changer in your day.

Swipe through 1000’s of curated quotes that uplift your spirit and help you maintain a winning mindset.

Capture the Joy, Relive 
the Victory

Attach photos to your wins and create a vivid archive of your life's victories.

Team Up, Win Together

Join a team with your friends, family, co-workers or clients. Share the joy of winning, keep each other accountable and inspire each other find the daily wins in life.

Private or Public, It's Up To You

MTAW puts you in control. Share your wins to uplift and empower your teams or keep them private—it's your choice.

Ready to Be a Winner Every Day?

Download MTAW now and embark on your journey to a winning mindset!
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